Let everyone give all their praise and thanks to the Lord!
    Here’s why—he’s better than anyone could ever imagine.
    Yes, he’s always loving and kind, and his faithful love never ends.
So, go ahead—let everyone know it!
    Tell the world how he broke through
    and delivered you from the power of darkness and
    has gathered us together from all over the world.
    He has set us free to be his very own!  —Psalm 107:1-3 (TPT)
I love these verses.  One day, they were just illuminated to me and stirred such excitement and passion as I saw something different. 
Our God is better than anyone could imagine. We get to tell the world how His love broke through every sin, every failure, all darkness, all powers; and He brought us together. But why? The reason He set you free is important to how you live.
It’s there in that last verse…
He has set us free to be His very own…
I encourage you to really feel that in your bones. He didn’t set you free because He thought you’d be useful to His organization. God’s not looking for the next Billy Graham (at least in the sense that people are). 
Your abilities, skills, or resources (or lack thereof) played no part in His setting you free.
He didn’t set you free because He simply pitied you. You looked so desperate and lacking like a malnourished puppy in the rain that He couldn’t take it any longer and had to do something.
Yes, He knew you were unable to rise up from where you were, but this wasn’t the pivotal criterion that caused Him to act. Besides this, He didn’t rescue you out of pity then put you on a good road and tell you to “do better.”

He has set you free to be His very own.

He chose to set you free so that you could be His. He wanted you for Himself. You were unable to even choose righteousness. You wouldn’t be able to choose Him so He chose you.
Once you understand this is the complete reason He set you free, you’ll live from the reality of His love, His faithfulness, His peace, His joy. Talk about a game-changer.

What you do for Him flows out of who you are to Him.

That’s living within the grace of eternity. That brings perspective that leads to abundant life—because it’s His perspective. That’s important to not only know intellectually, but experientially. Please don’t miss out on this today! Find Him willing and ready to embrace you with His love and freedom.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you live in this reality? (Share in the comments)

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