My heart, my mandate, my reason for doing ministry

I Want to Encounter

His glory

and I want others

to experience Him too.

I want this ministry to be defined by

  • Hunger: what I’ve known and experienced of Him is not enough. I have to have more and lead others to know and see more as well! 
  • Passion: I never want to half-heartedly approach life, family, worship, ministry, or anything else. I desire the same passion that flows from the fiery eyes of Jesus to be lived through me.
  • Conviction: I see our mission as believers as a global mandate to reveal His goodness, shift atmospheres, reform culture, and contend for awakening. We can’t do that without continual encounters with a holy God, and I am called to facilitate people’s meeting Him in powerful ways.
  • Heartbeat: At the core of all aspects of this ministry, I know I carry one specific aspect of God’s heartbeat and that’s for forgotten, abused, and neglected children. Part of our mission is to release finances to see the orphan cared for, healed, and raised up as well as those captured in sex-trafficking or other forms of slavery set free.

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