This past month, I’ve been working diligently to finish editing and formatting the book I’ve been writing so I’ve been absent here, but I’m excited to share more about this soon!

As we come to Christmas this week, something has been on my heart since my pastor read this scripture last Sunday. In Luke 1, we see the angel, Gabriel, coming to Mary to let her know God’s plan of redemption through Jesus will begin forming inside her virgin womb. That’s a bit to digest! She’s understandably perplexed.

“But Mary said to the angel, ‘How will this be, since I am a virgin?’ The angel answered and said to her, ‘The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; for that reason also the holy Child will be called the Son of God.’” —Luke 1:34-35

In verse 37, Gabriel proclaims this powerful promise, “nothing will be impossible with God.”

I think it’s sometimes easy to adopt this as a slogan instead of living in the reality of it. You can pay lip service and mentally assent to the idea that nothing is impossible with God without experiencing it, but that’s not enough!

The Christmas season can be busy, taxing, draining, and much more; but we cannot allow ourselves to back away from allowing God to do the impossible in and through us.

Mary had a legitimate question based on everything she knew of human reproduction. If you are to follow where God leads and do what He calls you to do, you will assuredly have a question or two. Gabriel’s explanation of the “plan” didn’t give her much to go on, but whether she fully understood or comprehended, the question was absolutely answered: the Holy Spirit will come upon you.

We may want detailed descriptions, fleshed out plans, hundreds of assurances that everything will go well (i.e., comfortably) for us. Nope.

God’s answer to your impossible is the Holy Spirit.

Though it’s not fully explained in scripture, you can imagine that in that time and culture, the ridicule Mary must have faced would feel unbearable at times. Her own fiancé, Joseph, wanted to put her away quietly until God intervened.

The disciples after Jesus’ death and resurrection faced so many impossibilities, but Jesus told them to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came on them with power. Even John exiled on Patmos was “in the Spirit on the Lord’s day.”

Over and over, we see His answer to the impossible is the Holy Spirit. We know what incredible things were accomplished from this, but we also have to acknowledge the price that was paid to follow Jesus.

I want to encourage you not to back down when facing the questions surrounding impossible. I find myself so hungering right now for more of Him! I’ve tasted and seen His goodness in impossible situations and I want to know more. So I pray, “come Holy Spirit!”

I pray you have a merry Christmas and peace-filled new year as you embrace the Spirit’s working and experience more of His incredible faithfulness.

What are your thoughts? Have you experienced the impossible with Him? Are you ready for more? (Share in the comments)

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