Real Revival Checklist

I wrote a blog consistently for about a decade and then a variety of factors shut me down. It was time and effort I didn’t have at that moment, but I find myself in the place where I need the discipline of focus and organizing my thoughts and feelings, aligning them with God’s word and heart. I’ve written a few things since then, but not consistently. Part of that has to do with busyness of life, school, and work; but I have found myself at a deficit recently. I’ve still had devotional time, read scripture, worshiped, and led worship so it’s not like I’ve been removed from those disciplines. Still, I kept feeling the stresses and demands of situations and even good goals building and building until it was near chaos in my mind.

As I have sought God on what to do, I was reminded of something I had worked on years ago. God had been showing me that it wasn’t enough to experience revival once or even for a season, but it must be maintained and sustained. A corporate experience starts with an individual so how incredible would it be for entire communities to experience individual renewal until it changed homes, neighborhoods, and beyond?

Real revival can be cultivated. It often doesn’t just happen. There’s a process. According to Romans 12, we submit our bodies as living sacrifices and then our minds are renewed by the Holy Spirit. That’s where I know I’ve felt the deficiency. Like I said, my mind felt chaotic. It was like the wild West in there!

I’m going to use, and I propose you join me, a mental and spiritual checklist for real revival. Ask yourself…

  • Am I living relationally? Are my relationships more important than my opinions or rights?
  • Am I engaged in what God has called me to do? Am I focused and intentional or going wherever the breeze takes me?
  • Am I authentic? Am I trying to be something I’m not or am I living from the identity of a true child of God?
  • Am I loving God well? Am I loving others well?

There’s obviously a lot more to unpack with all those, but that’s my framework for the content I’m wanting to create. This is an exercise for my benefit, but I believe sharing my journey and process can be beneficial to you as well. I’m inviting you to join me here. I pray we all experience the real revival God has promised and purposed for each of us to live in.

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